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This is perhaps the most well-known myth surrounding cigars and their production method. Many would wish that it was true but unfortunately it is only a fabricated story.

According to this myth, Cuban Cigars are rolled by hand on virgin women's thighs. It invokes the thought of virgin woman working in the fields picking tobacco leaves and then pulling up their skirts to roll the Cuban cigars on their thighs.

In actual fact, both women and men roll cigars in Cuba and if you had ever tried it yourself you'd see just how difficult it would be to roll a cigar on your thigh.

It's pretty much impossible, actually if you try rolling a simple piece of paper over your thigh you’ll see for yourself just how hard it would be.

You definitely wouldn't be able to make a perfectly shaped cigar this way!

How Cigars Are Made

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It's not clear just how long tobacco has been smoked but we can say with certainty that it does date back hundreds of years.

Native Americans were smoking this substance before Christopher Columbus ever put his feet on American soil and later on, Mr. Columbus brought back tobacco seeds and leaves to Europe. Tobacco was first popularized in Europe during the mid-16th century.

Smoking a cigar became something of a status symbol during the first part of the 19th century but the cigar’s golden age really hit its peak during the Civil War.

A cigar boom began in the middle 1990s and manufacturers had to struggle to meet the demand.

There were many cycles of varying popularity until 2011 when sales of cigars were again approaching the sales made during the peak years of the cigar boom.

Today both men and women appreciate the fine taste, smell and feel of a Good Cigar. Whether it has been rolled on a virgin's thigh or not, a high-quality cigar is greatly appreciated by the end-user.

While many of the finest cigars do come from Cuba, they have been produced according to rigid standards.

This is why Cuban cigars have a reputation for being some of the finest in the world.


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